Launch students and families on a remote learning adventure with My Big World! Here’s how to make My Big World a powerful learning tool in the classroom and at home.

Share your class password with your students.

This lets your students log in to read articles, watch videos, and play learning games. Don’t know your class password? Click here.

Do you use Google Classroom, Clever, or other learning management systems?

Learn how to connect your account to Scholastic here—students can login with their own username and password from school!

Then, share issues, videos, and more with students.

On any issue page (such as “Flower Power”), copy the link in your browser’s URL bar at top. 

Then paste this into any email or learning management system as an assignment, and voila! Kids and their families log in and read their issue of My Big World.

Quick Video Tour

This short video shows caregivers how to log in and use the features on our website, including: videos, read-aloud issues, learning games.


Anytime Reading Tips

Share these fun and easy reading tips with families. They include questions caregivers can ask children as they read any issue of My Big World.


Hands-On At Home

For each issue, we’ve added simple, meaningful hands-on activities that use materials found in most homes. (Learn where to find this feature in the Video Tour above.)


My Big World Exit Ticket

Send this checklist to your students through Google Classroom. That way students can let you know when they have watched the videos, read the issues, and played the games!


Play Starters

Playing is part of learning! So we’re providing these 20 simple ideas for playing with purpose. They can be done at any time and in any order.

Pair our April and May/June issues with issues from our archive to create themed texts.

To assign these issues to families, copy and paste the URL of the issue page from your browser into Google Classroom or whatever learning management system (LMS) you use.


PAIR 1: Plants

PAIR 2: Nature in My Neighborhood

PAIR 3: Safety

PAIR 4: Be A Scientist