Cooking Up Safety! Lesson Plan

What We Are Learning


Health and Safety Focus:

fire safety


Group Discussion:

critical thinking



fine motor skills

  • Dot the Fire Dog by Lisa Desimini is a wonderful addition to your fire safety unit. The book follows Dot and his firefighter friends as they save the day. Tell children that when there is a fire, firefighters come to help. They help keep us safe! paired text

Fire Safety: Scavenger Hunt

Materials: paper, marker, pictures of a smoke detector, fire alarm, exit sign, fire extinguisher, and fire sprinkler

  • Introduce and search for fire safety tools that keep children safe. 
  • Show pictures of a smoke detector, fire alarm, fire extinguisher, fire sprinkler, and exit sign. Ask children if they’ve seen them before and what they know about them. Explain how each tool keeps them safe: Smoke detectors and fire alarms tell them when to get out, exit signs show them where to go, and fire extinguishers and sprinklers help put out fires.
  • Label paper with names and pictures of tools. Then go on a class walk through the building. Tell children to point out the fire safety tools they see. Mark the paper to keep track of how many there were.
  • When you’re done, have children count how many of each tool they saw. counting/visual discrimination
A boy crawling

Materials: white bedsheet or butcher paper and crayons, tape (optional), four chairs (optional)

  • Give children practice in an important fire safety escape method.
  • Tell children that when there is a fire, there might be smoke in the air. If there is smoke, crawl close to the ground and get out.
  • To create “smoke,” cut a large piece of butcher paper and have children color it with black and gray crayons. You can also use a large white bedsheet.
  • Use four chairs and tape to hold the “smoke” a few feet off the ground. You can also have a volunteer hold it with you. Children take turns crawling underneath until they’ve gotten all the way to the door. gross motor skills